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    Sycamore Meadow
    American Witchcraft Coven
    All of our services are free! Including our witch school.


    Sycamore Meadow is an American Witchcraft Coven. We provide the witch community with a place to receive quality training in: spell work, coven operations, professional fields of tarot and astrology, legal ordination for clergy, networking, and community support. 


    We practice and teach our family's tradition of American witchcraft. Our family migrated from Ireland as indentured servants as we settled in America our tradition became a blend of our Irish heritage and the native practices of this country and the state of Tennessee. Our form of magic is a mix of astrology, herbalism, nature energy and natural life cycle. 

    As a group we practice witchcraft, not the religion Wicca. We do teach both to meet the needs of our members. The Wicca religion we teach is centered around family. We honor our ancestors, local land spirits/elements, and some a Deity of choice. You are not required to learn this religion in any form. This is for our members who wish to be clergy or practice the Wicca faith only. For those who practice other religions we will not be able to ordain you. Coven leaders are not required to be ordained to run a coven. It does make life easier when helping your coven members with life rites. You can still fulfill this roll outside of a legal standing by doing a hand-fasting instead of a legal wedding. As a coven leader you will be required to take the courses about Wicca to better understand your coven members who are wiccan.

    You may use any religion with Witchcraft. Our members are from many religious paths including Christian, Catholic, Wicca, Atheist, and Druid. This is a way of life that allows us to bring any form of religion or none religion into our lives. For those that cannot accept or respect this do not apply here. We will not tolerate pagan bigotry towards the other religions that wish to practice witchcraft. Traditional witchcraft does not follow the rede, three fold law, or other dogma associated with Wicca. These are Wicca concepts only. Witches can and do exist outside of the religious practice of Wicca. This dogma is a personal choice that each member will make. 

    We gather four times a year for holiday for the solstices and equinoxes. We do not celebrate the "cross-quarter" days of the Celtics. We try to hold workshops or outings for our members in the Tennessee area during this time. You do not have to live in the Tennessee area to be part of our group. Our online witch school and community for our members allow us to bring our tradition to you. We started this from the request we have received from the public concerning the lack of community and teachers for new witches to learn from. Serious inquires only. No athames, swords, are blades allowed at public gatherings, bring your wands. No alcohol or drugs.


    By moving our witch school online we have been able to complete our goal of becoming totally green. We use paper in no form including checks. We do still accept checks and encourage our members to go as green as much as possible. Going green has provided us the ability to greatly lower our overhead costs and provide our services for free to the public. We do rely on donations and will make requests if we need financial support.


    Our association is a free will church meaning we are free of government control. We do not and will not have 501 status or incorporation. Our constitution gives us the right to exist without interference or approval of our government. This association formed for the purpose of providing witches a place to learn about our heritage of American witchcraft and preserving this heritage for future generations. 


    Our witch school is a work in progress. We are accepting new members. Please be patient as we bring all of our services online. 

    Thanks, Sycamore Meadow Team